bonobo release – lomami

June 23, 2009

lomami was the saddest bonobo i ever saw. in 2005, he had just arrived at the sanctuary. all the fingers on his right hand had beencut off, some of them at different times. basically someone locked him up in a cage, cut off a finger, came back a few days later, cut off another one.

claudine was sure he would die. he didnt play with other bonobos. he was afraid of all people. he didn’t want to be picked up or carried. he was so unbelievably traumatised that he would sit alone, hug himself and rock.


now he is surrounded by friends. he spends a lot of time grooming with other bonobos, and they all love him. he still doesn’t trust people, not suprisingly, so he is a great canditate for release. i’m so glad his story has a happy ending!


2 thoughts on “bonobo release – lomami

  • Connie Leisey

    May God work in healing these precious babies.How could anyone do something like this? I would like to help what can I do??? as I live in the USA how do I send money? can you exchange it to your $? I would give any thing!!! to be there to help out I rescue dogs and cats (strays) .

  • Nikki Pogorzelski

    Congratulations! What a good start to enriching the forests with beautiful bonobos. I am so grateful for everyone’s hard work and dedication. I know it will be a long time before you really know how successful this release is and I will be thinking about all of you, but especially the bonobos.

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