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News – January, February and March 2016

April 17, 2016

News from Lola ya Bonobo   Rescue of BIKORO The very last day of 2015, Bikoro, a 3-year old orphan, rescued in Equateur Province in collaboration with Bonobo Conservation Initiative, arrived at Lola ya Bonobo. Our team at Ekolo ya Bonobo had learned that a small bonobo had been seen in Bikoro town and had […]


News of Etumbe at Ekolo ya bonobo

September 21, 2015

Etumbe is the alpha female of the first group of bonobos ever reintroduced into the wild after rehabilitation at Lola ya Bonobo. Etumbe has quite a story… She was rescued from a laboratory in Kinshasa where she had spent the best part of her life. After almost 15 years in a small cage, eating just […]


Lomela had her baby at Ekolo ya Bonobo!!!

October 4, 2014

Many of you remember Lomela, who was one of Claudine’s hardest cases. She came to Lola ya Bonobo starved to death and very sick. With intense TLC from staff and other bonobos like Muanda (see photo) she was rehabilitated. You can see the before and after photos!   Everyone falls in love with Lomela and […]


Pina, bonobo supporter and dentist brings her services to Ekolo ya Bonobo

November 15, 2013

Pina accompanied Claudine & Suzy to Basankusu this past summer and offered her dental care services to the local population – something totally unheard of in these remote areas. She provided free dental care to 30 people in Basankusu and at the Elonda base camp opposite the bonobo reintroduction site.  This is an important contribution […]


One telemetry collar in place!

February 11, 2013

After several failed attempts at sedating Opala in enclosure 1, it was decided that the telemetry collar which we needed to test before placing it on a few of our bonobos at the Ekolo ya Bonobo reintroduction project would be place on Isoro, a young adult female without any offspring. After an encounter in the […]


Sankuru and her baby Mwinda

March 15, 2012

Here is a photo of Sankuru, a female bonobo at the Ekolo ya Bonobo reintroduction site, with her baby, a little female called Mwinda, which means “Light” in Lingala. Sankuru has come a long way. She spent the first 7 years of her life in a wooden cage in someone’s yard. She was finally brought […]


News of Victor and David : Ekolo ya Bonobo trackers

March 3, 2012

One week after their cold arrival in Paris, the two men underwent their operation, first step in the six months of reconstructive surgery ahead. The operation went extremely well, for both of them. Now a few weeks later, we are already very pleased with the first results. Their arrival in Paris must have been quite […]


Update on the Ekolo trackers

January 31, 2012

Dear friends, David The good news we had been hoping for is now confirmed: David Mokamoa and Victor Likofata, the two trackers most severely wounded in the accident that occurred at EKOLO YA BONOBO last August, will soon be receiving reconstructive facial surgery from renown French surgeon Professor Lantieri in Paris. David and Victor will […]