Kinsia arrives at Lola

May 28, 2012

A tiny little being attached to an electric generator by barely a meter of nylon rope, cutting into its flesh… this was the sad spectacle that was awaiting Pierrot and Eve when they came to collect this little female bonobo, kept as a “pet” by a Kinshasa family!

It is thanks to Arthur, guide at the Kinshasa Zoo, and his knowledge of Lola ya Bonobo that we were able to find and confiscate this little bonobo. He had heard got wind of her presence and had immediately alerted Claudine. The protocol was put in place and under the Zoo director’s authority we rapidly managed to retrieve Kinsia.

Despite arriving at Lola with infected and weeping wounds due to the rope that had held her in place, as well as several burns on her abdomen (most likely due to the electric generator), this little lady of about one year of age rapidly showed her trust in the staff at Lola, as well as a healthy appetite… she is coming along well, she plays and laughs (as soon as you speak to her she smiles) and she is very good at making herself understood when she wants something… a promising start in her new life…

Well keep you updated on her progress!

“Come Kinsia, don’t be afraid, this awful ordeal is over…”

Eyes full of incertitude… can she trust humans now?

6 thoughts on “Kinsia arrives at Lola

  • Marcia Douthwaite

    What a terrible ordeal for little Singi—how can people treat animals this way. So glad she has been rescued and will be able to heal and be with the other babies and dear caregivers.

  • connie leisey

    The horror will never stop. How cruel to such a beautiful baby, what is wrong with humans? hank you for always opening your doors and your hearts for the little ones……… God bless you all !!!!!!! Love from Connie.

  • Bonobo Lover

    Thank you for rescuing her and everyone’s amazing work at Lola. I hope little Kinsia is one day able to finally live in the wild at Ekolo. Till then, I know you will be taking good care of her. My deepest gratitude to you all.

  • Margaret Duke

    Thank you….my heart breaks and Sara Gruen’s book got me to you. I am thrilled to find you and the work you are doing. Angels…your rewards are far beyond this earth.

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