New Orphan: Singi arrives at Lola

May 21, 2012

The fourth month of the year, fourth little bonobo to arrive at Lola…

Following, Bombo, Kwilu and Kinsia, here is Singi, a gorgeous little male about 3 and a half years of age.

Just like little Kasai a few months back, he came from Lodja, a town in the province of Eastern Kasai, and that, thanks to Mr André Tusumba, coordinator at ACOPRIK (Community Actions for the Protection of Primates in Kasai), a local NGO. It was he who organised the confiscation and transfer of Singi to Kinshasa.

Mama Hortense has taken him on, and following a period in quarantine he will join his new friends in the nursery for endless games of all kinds!

With his precious little face, you just have to look at him to love him…

3 thoughts on “New Orphan: Singi arrives at Lola

  • Marcia Douthwaite

    Thank you for the news of Singi’s arrival. Please keep us updated on his progress. How are Kasai, Bombo, Kwilu and Kinsia adjusting to their new home? Would love to see some photos of them together.

  • connie leisey

    YAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Lord for this special little one.NOW on to the future of great food,many many hugs ,and smiles and laughter.He is going to love every one and every thing there especially his new mama.I can hardly wait till he sees his new brothers and sisters his forever family. thank you for sharing with us the great news…Love from connie

  • walter lichtenberg

    Just in the last couple of weeks I started learning about Bonobos and it has been a life changing experience for me. I have cried and laughed and now I am left with the wish that I could be in the presence of these beautiful beings, if only for one moment. My admiration to those brave and compassionate people.

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