New orphans : Bombo & Kwilu

March 21, 2012

One from Basankusu, the other from Mbandaka, they both arrived at Lola on the 9th of January, in the same tiny cage. The transfer was organised by Chacal, one of our men at Ekolo ya Bonobo. The two little males are probably around the same age, Bombo however, weighed nearly twice as much as his frail little companion who, on arrival, was severely emaciated and completely dehydrated… a real sorry sight!

In the weeks that followed, we were to have our share of frights. First off, Bombo stopped eating and drinking and seemed to be suffering from abdominal pains, then Kwilu suffered from severe pain throughout his tiny body along with a very high fever. We soon found out that he was infected with the chikungunya virus (the two mamas looking after them also caught the infection, transmitted by mosquitoes)
Luckily, with the right treatment, lots of love and time dedicated to them, the two little orphans and now in great shape and are currently being introduced into the nursery.


Kwilu, the day he arrived, unbearably thin… and terrified by any sudden sound or movement.


Bombo, on arrival, in much better physical condition than Kwilu, at least from the outside… the little guy is full of tenderness!


Kwilu, six weeks later, gaining weight and getting stronger day by day… Behind him is Tess, his bodyguard, no more harm will come to him… she is watching!!!

4 thoughts on “New orphans : Bombo & Kwilu

  • sue noon

    It i so heartwarming to see these two little guys taken in, cared for and now enjoying much better health and good lives. Congratulations to all involved for the good work!

  • Marcia Douthwaite

    Poor little ones, but so thankful that you were able to rescue them and get them on the road to rehabilitation. Please do keep us updated with photos and reports of their progress. You are making such a difference in the lives of these rescued bonobos.

  • connie leisey

    my heart gets broken each time I see these little ones that come in so tiny and starved and sick.i WANT to hold them and kiss the hurt away and some how let them know all humans aren’t bad..Thank you mamas God bless you all. You all make us realize how important your work is and how much a difference it makes.My heart goes out to all!!!!!!!! Love Connie

  • Sue Sparks

    Poor little things! So good to see them getting better thanks to your care. I hope the mamas are recovered too!

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