Molambisi ya Lola

March 19, 2016

In enclosure 3, Molambisi ya Lola, Kinshasa’s daughter is almost 6 months old and developing really well! She is now starting to stand on 2 legs, and stares at simply everything that’s around her. Learning about the world! Now is also the time for her to start “tasting” the different foods that her mother eats, […]


Mabali & Ilebo

March 14, 2016

Just look at that face, Mabali here quite enjoying being groomed by Ilebo. These two adolescent males, potential rivals for the higher spot in the hierarchy, maintain a good relationship and reinforce it by grooming one-another. There are times when they are sure to enter into conflict with one-another in the battle for dominance but […]


Singi & Liyaka

February 26, 2016

Singi and Liyaka ya Lola are playing around in the mud in enclosure 1. The bonobos born at Lola ya bonobo to orphan mothers, like Liyaka, have a key role in the integration of young orphans, like Singi, into the social group.


Tool use

October 15, 2015

Wild bonobos have not yet been observed using tools, however, captive bonobos, including those at Lola are just great tool users! At Lola, the bonobos are specialist in cracking nuts! Stones, sticks, teeth, anything is worth trying to get to the rich center of the palm nut. Bombo certainly seems to have mastered the technique […]



October 13, 2015

Lomami is a 15 year-old male. Almost 2 years ago, he fell from a tree and broke his leg. Surgery was not an option! All we could do was hope that the break wasn’t too bad. He spent a few weeks in complete immobilization and a few more weeks of re-education. Then, after a large […]


Lola ya Lola

October 11, 2015

We recently gave a little news about Semendwa, well here is Lola ya Lola, Semendwa’s third baby. This young female is just 1 and a half years old but is really quite independent for her age. She spends a lot of time playing with older males and females a few meters away from her mother! […]



October 9, 2015

Semendwa, is the alpha female in enclosure 1. She is 18 years old and will soon be a grandma! Her first-born daughter, Elikya, is now 9 years old and in an advanced state of pregnancy. Here you can see Semendwa standing on two feet in order to attract attention. Begging is often observed at Lola, […]


Bonobos love to play…

October 4, 2015

Bonobos love to play…particularly the younger ones. It’s very common to observe baby bonobos playing with each other or with adults. Spinning, jumping, running, chasing, biting… they usually don’t have time to get bored!


Careful in the water!

October 1, 2015

Salonga, one of the adult bonobos in enclosure 1, having spotted something of interest in the pond, wades in to get it! Not taking any risks though… like many bonobos at Lola ya Bonobo and in the wild, she enters the water with the help of a long stick to probe the depth as she […]