Sanza & Minzoto

September 29, 2015

Sanza ya Lola and Minzoto ya Lola are brother and sister, born at the Lola ya Bonobo. Sanza often takes care of her little brother and so it is quite common to see her playing with him a few meters away from their mother, Tshilomba. As you can see here, Sanza has a full mouth […]



September 27, 2015

Bombo is almost 5 years old. This young male, orphaned as a victim of the bushmeat trade was rescued and brought to Lola ya Bonobo just a few years ago. He has shown such a good recovery that today, despite his young age, he has already integrated a complex social group in enclosure 2. He […]


Kinzia & Garamba

September 24, 2015

In the juveniles’ enclosure, Kinzia (female, 3 years) is trying to catch Garamba (male, 5 years). These two young orphans, victims of the bushmeat trade are being rehabilitated at the Lola ya Bonobo sanctuary. After several months of quarantine and rehabilitation with the help of substitute mothers, they are now playing together as happy as […]


Mbandaka the great!

September 23, 2015

Mbandaka is the largest bonobo living at the sanctuary at the moment. This young male, only 15 years old, is clearly the alpha male of the group in enclosure 2. Although Maya is dominant female, Mbandaka has the position of protector of the group.


News of Etumbe at Ekolo ya bonobo

September 21, 2015

Etumbe is the alpha female of the first group of bonobos ever reintroduced into the wild after rehabilitation at Lola ya Bonobo. Etumbe has quite a story… She was rescued from a laboratory in Kinshasa where she had spent the best part of her life. After almost 15 years in a small cage, eating just […]


Pool time

September 19, 2015

Waiting for the rainy season to start here at Lola ya Bonobo. Temperatures are starting to soar, sun beating down strong, but no sign of rain for the moment. In such high temperatures, the group in enclosure 2 likes to chill around and in the pond, stream or pool, whichever, as long as there is […]


News of Lalia, our most recent arrival

September 14, 2015

Lalia is the last orphan to have arrived at Lola. She was rescued in March. This young female of about 1.5 years arrived in Kinshasa’s market, after more than 3 weeks traveling down the Congo river, a victim of the bushmeat trade and destined to be sold as a pet. Now she’s happily recovering in […]


News of Pole ya Lola

September 11, 2015

Pole ya Lola is a 9 year-old male. Born at the sanctuary, his mother, Opala, is N°2 in the female alliance in enclosure 1. Recently, after months of working his way up the hierarchy and after many days of contest with the other males, he had affirmed his position as alpha male of the group.


Playtime in enclosure 2!

September 9, 2015

It’s playtime at enclosure two. Bonobos love to playfight – Bisengo ya Lola is being attacked (in a friendly way of course) by Bombo and Bili. Although in the group hierarchy, Bisengo is much higher ranking than both males, that doesn’t stop him from playing with them. Playtime can last for hours… judge the fun […]


News of Sake

September 7, 2015

Sake is a 12 year-old female. In February she fell seriously ill and almost left us. She received intensive care for several months at the sanctuary. Her progress is great, she is now living with the juveniles and is leader of the pack, soon she will return to enclosure 2. During the whole process, Sake […]