Fanny is nervous to find bonobos tomorrow in Ekolo

April 7, 2015

  Before she searches for the bonobos Fanny spends hours talking to the children in the community living near Ekolo ya Bonobo.  It helps she speaks 5 different languages! These kids parents work hard to support the project to release bonobos back into the wild. Our team works hard to provide educational and health support […]


Fanny visits Ekolo ya Bonobo

April 5, 2015

Fanny Minesi-Andre, the daughter of Claudine Andre, is managing both Lola ya Bonobo and Ekolo ya Bonobo. She recently visited the release site outside of Basankusu.  She flew from Kinshasa deep into the Congo basin and landed in the small city of Basankusu.  Fanny is getting ready for the boat ride up the Lopori River to […]


Lola leading fight against abusive Chinese Zoo

March 25, 2015

Claudine Andre and Amis les Bonobo du Congo are the lead signature on the petition sponsored by the U.N. and signed by over 20 other major conservation and welfare organization to protest the abusive new #1 show in China that over 1 billion people are watching. The owners of the zoo running the show have […]


Help us name our cartoon bonobo!

We have a new cartoon ambassador for the bonobos!  We need ideas from our supporters for a name.  This bonobo’s first job will be to be on a new Lola ya Bonobo T-shirt that will be for purchase on our website next week.  stay tuned and give us those name suggestions!  


What a gift!

March 7, 2015

Garamba and all the other orphans @ Lola thank you for sharing the GRASP video on the illicit international trade in great apes. It is hard to watch but sharing that video is crucial to stopping more apes from becoming orphans.  That is why Garamba likes your sharing even more than this fun food filled […]


A bonobo poem from Anil

February 19, 2015

This poem is from Anil, the poet of the fabulous book How to Double the Meaning of Life. Anil is amazing with words, and he also happens to be a wonderful friend of the bonobos. Here is his latest poem that he made especially about bonobos! Bonobo and Friend in Concert A BONOBO nicknamed Bobo […]