Bonobo gifts for the holidays

December 16, 2014

Know a friend who loves bonobos? Put something under their tree for the holidays!  Did you know you can donate to help the bonobos in honor of someone else? Click here to give the gift of bonobo support in honor of a friend


bonobo babysitting

November 18, 2014

Shibomba is one of our orphans, looking after Elonga, one of the Lola babies, while mom is busy at work foraging. Babysitting is an important part of bonobo society and almost everyone takes turns looking after the little ones.


Yao Ming is one of our greatest hopes!

November 16, 2014

Next time Dikembe visits – the bonobos hope he brings NBA star Yao Ming! China will play the largest role of any country in deciding the future of Africa’s wildlife. See why Yao Ming is one of our greatest hopes on Nov 18th! He has massive cultural influence in China. Yao Ming and Dikembe Matombo […]


Dikembe meets the Lola staff!

November 13, 2014

Dikembe meets the staff at Lola ya Bonobo – what a thrill! He had so much fun he left a very kind note. He was as inspired by our work as we are by his.


Dikembe Mutombo

There is one U.S professional sports league whose international stars are making a difference for conservation. Do you know which sport? Basketball! More specifically, it’s athlete Dikembe Mutombo! One of the greatest NBA basketball stars of all times. He is a hero in his home country D.R. Congo because of his stardom and his foundation […]


Happiest When Together

November 8, 2014

Social hour at Lola from just last week Lots of grooming and hugging. Infant or grown all our orphans get to be together with other bonobos where they are happiest.


Friends of Bonobos Asia!

November 6, 2014

Friends of Bonobos Asia is starting off strong! Given the news yesterday that the plane of China’s president may have been used to smuggle ivory we need as many people in China helping us spread the word about the beauty of Africa’ s wildlife.


Bosongo arrived safely!

October 24, 2014

Bosongo arrived at Lola! Tristan and Jenn who have done so much to get her safely to Lola handed her over to Mamma Hortence who is heaping the TLC on her. Raphy the vet thinks she is doing great. We could not have rescued her with out your support. You answered our call and Bosongo […]


Lomela and her healthy baby!

October 17, 2014

What we have all been waiting for from deep in the Congo Basin….the first photos of Lomela’s new baby!!!! Mom and baby doing fantastic. We will share more news as it comes in from the release site Ekolo ya Bonobo. Rescue – Rehabilitate – Release


We will not forget her!

October 13, 2014

Lola ya Bonobo rescues almost every orphan that comes to us, but we cannot rescue them all. Sadly we lost a new orphan last month that came to us with a serious respiratory infection. We only had her a few days (pic above) and tried everything we could so at least she was surrounded by […]