Shibombo from Lubumbashi

July 28, 2010

And we welcome another little orphan… We heard of a little bonobo approximately four years of age who had just been bought buy a high ranking authority near Lubumbashi in the province of Katanga, right on the other side of the country. Our friends from the Chimpanzee sanctuary J.A.C.K. ( ) in Lubumbashi went to see the little guy. He had lost most of his hair and was very thin with a big belly (sign of malnutrition) but seemed otherwise healthy.

 Following endless discussions and an intervention by the Ministry for the Environment with the confiscation papers, the “owner” handed him over to Franck founder of J.A.C.K. who had explained to him that the bonobo would be sent here to Lola ya Bonobo. The little bonobo then spent a month of quarantine with Carole, a young French woman, volunteering at the J.A.C.K. sanctuary. They soon formed a strong bond and she looked after him like she would her own child. The plans began for his trip to Kinshasa and it was decided that he would travel with Roxanne (co-founder of J.A.C.K.) on a Hewa Bora flight.


 The journey was straight forward and Fanny and Gladez went to N’djili airport along with an inspector from the Ministry for the Environment to meet little “Chibo” (Chimpanzee-Bonobo).

We thank the RVA (Congolese Air-traffic Control) and Hewa Bora and their staff for having made his transfer so easy, to rejoin his own here at Lola ya Bonobo. Here he is on his first day in Lola.


Since that day, the little bonobo with his short re-growth hair, who has since been named ‘Shibombo’ after a small town near Lubumbashi, has joined our nursery. On first meeting his new playmates we were overjoyed to see him running around, laughing and desperately trying to get the attention of little Lukuru (who was much more interested by what was in Maman Micheline’s lunchbox)! Lunchtime over, they ran around us in circles, chasing each other and tickling each other… what a wonderful first introduction!

 Shibo with Fanny and Roxanne on his first day at Lola.

 On arriving, when he received his food, Shibo would vocalise loudly with excitement… this lead to him taking an intensive ‘Bonobo sex’ course with Masisi and Kodoro… with which he seems quite happy! (bit of an understatement there!)

Now it is Maman Micheline’s who will give him the love, the attention and the protection that he needs. See how Shibo enjoys bath-time, here with Maman Espérance.


“Welcome to Lola Shibo…”

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3 thoughts on “Shibombo from Lubumbashi

  • J.A.C.K.

    We are happy Shibombo is doing great and that he’s enjoying his new life. Bringing him at Lola is the best thing we could do.
    Thank you for him!
    Thank you for your hard work!
    We are proud of you!!!

  • Carole

    Quel bonheur de voir Shibombo ainsi!
    Nous attendions impatiemment un post à son sujet 😀
    Merci à Fanny, Gladez, toutes les mamans et bien évidemment à Claudine André pour leur magnifique travail et pour tout l’amour qu’elles leurs offrent…de loin le meilleur remède!
    Un grand merci à JACK, également, qui ne recule devant rien pour sauver un de nos plus proches cousins.
    Très heureuse de voir que “Shibo” très cher à notre coeur à tous, se porte à merveille et coule dorénavant des jours heureux auprès des siens.
    Merci 1000 fois.
    Un groom chargé d’amour et de tendresse pour moi à Shibo 🙂

  • vimal Thapa

    This is amazing! Must be a rewarding experience to save these beautiful but helpless being so similar to we human. You guys are doing great karma/job, thanks.

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