Three month old baby too young to survive

May 18, 2010

Near the Bandundu province of Congo, a man called Jean Efoko bought two bonobos from a hunter. Jean hoped to sell the bonobos in the markets of Kinshasa, and kept the bonobos for a month until he could make his way down to the city.


When he arrived in Kinshasa, he asked a driver for Doctors Without Borders, who told him to take the bonobo to Lola. Once Jean arrived at the sanctuary, Blaise, the Education Officer told him that bonobos are an endangered species and it is illegal to sell them. Between Lola’s education programs and reinforcement from the Ministry of Environment, all the animal traffickers have gone underground. After seeing footage of Kanzi and taking a tour around the sanctuary, Jean decided to give the bonobos up.


The two infants were in bad shape. They are two of the youngest bonobos the sanctuary has seen. One is only 12 months old and one was only 3 months. They were severely malnourished and traumatised, just having seen their mothers killed.

I just got news the 3 month old died. He was too young to stand the trauma of becoming an orphan and the shock of the long voyage and malnourishment.


2 thoughts on “Three month old baby too young to survive

  • Connie Leisey

    GOD BLESS YOU ALL and the man at least he tried to keep them alive (for the wrong reasons) but tried any way.. We are all blessed that ONE lived thanks to everyone.Thank you one and all………… connie

  • Gabe Hanken

    Education Education Education. You cannot save a species such as this without helping the people who live with and around it;. While terribly sad it is amazing work you all do and you are a great asset to Africa and the world.;

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