Volunteer for the bonobos

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Many people are inspired by Claudine Andre and her work with the orphans rescued and rehabilitated at Lola ya Bonobo and then released at Ekolo ya Bonobo. What can you do to help protect the bonobos?

While Lola ya Bonobo welcomes tourists, we do not have a volunteer program at the sanctuary. However, we desperately need volunteers to help make our U.S. nonprofit a success and increase awareness of bonobos.

There are many ways you can contribute. Each action may seem small, but together we can make a huge difference. If everyone who loves bonobos contributes a little treasure, time, and talent– we will be able to save our closest relatives.

Donate treasure: bonobo love is a great gift

  • Adopt a bonobo for a loved one – for any event from birthdays to mother’s day, use our ‘in honor of’ function to give a gift that makes a difference.
  • Encourage friends to consider adopting bonobos for their holiday and birthday gifts.
  • Ask loved ones to adopt a bonobo instead of giving you a traditional gift for the holidays or for your birthday.
  • Give copies of Bonobo Handshake by Vanessa Woods (for adults) or Endangered by Eliot Schrefer (for young adults)
  • Consider donating toward our sanctuary or release site in your will.

Donate time: help spread the word

  • Encourage 5-10 animal loving friends to sign up to our email list
  • Like us on facebook, share our post with friends, and follow us on twitter
  • Send us social media content like fun videos related to bonobos that we can share with our supporters
  • Have a bonobo movie party to introduce your friends to bonobos. You can screen this free PBS documentary on youtube. Soon, you will also be able to show the full length feature about Lola ya Bonobo – Bonobos: back to the wild
  • Read Bonobo Handshake by Vanessa Woods (for adults) or Endangered by Eliot Schrefer (for young adults). Recommend these books to your friends and to your book club.
  • Have a dinner party with 10 friends, tell them about bonobos and encourage them to commit to inviting 10 of their friends for dinner to pass on what they learned.
  • Have your institution, school or university invite Claudine Andre to speak

Donate talent: use your skills to help

  • Do you have a special skill that might help us grow our non-profit? Are you an artist, skilled with social media, a professional fund-raiser or event planner, a skilled grant writer, lawyer with legal expertise related to non-profits, a public relations expert, eco-travel agency, etc.? We would love to hear about your expertise that might help us. Contact info@ lolayabonobo.org
  • Do you have skills related to environmental education? Are you a teacher, a curriculum developer, a children’s book publisher or author, a librarian, documentary maker, cartoonist, social media expert, museum educator or exhibit expert, etc.? We would love to have your help spreading the word about bonobos!